3 generation photo!


Allie, Stella, Lacy


ABCA registered

Lacy is a "King" granddaughter - she was purchased from Lynn Daniel's in Atoka Oklahoma.  

Lacy has proven herself as an extremely gritty head dog and excels in drive work on pairs and rank stock. 

Lacy's hip xrays have been submitted to OFA and are GOOD-- she has also been tested for CEA and MDR1 & IGS and is clear

smooth coat prick ears


IBCA registered

medium rough coat- black and white.  Judy is a trained female.  Born here in May of 2012.  She is a larger size dog weighing around 40-45lbs.  Judy will bite both ends but is primarily a clean heel biter.   She has a good eye and has a slower but steady paced working style- Judy has an excellent outrun and gather and is the dog that just keeps it all together!  She is a free thinker and just always seems to be in the right place.

   Judy has been IBCA registered through the STAR program based on  proven working skills.  

Allie-  is out of Lacy by "T" a Chad Kalma bred male who is a King grandson & out of Lacy who is also a King granddaughter...


Allie is now being put to regular work- she is a HEAD dog with little to no heel bite.  Very stylish dog as well.


Allie is CEA clear & OFA rated EXCELLENT hips!


ABCA registered

Hope was born July of 2013.  She began official training in June of 2014. 

Hope showed a lot of early trainability.  She is a very easy going willing to please dog with a lot of intelligence.  It has been a pleasure to train Hope for livestock work and am happy to have her as a helping part of my working crew.

videos may be seen of Hope on my youtube channel

Whisenhunt Farms


Judy is CEA/TNS clear

Luna is my up and coming Rock Star!  an extremely strong willed and strong minded dog- Luna has shown exceptional power and confidence with a hard clean bite on both head and heel.   She has currently been sent to a more experienced trainer in an effort to gain control of her raw GRIT and maximize her potential.  Without a doubt Luna will remain here as a working cow dog and breeding female!

Luna is panel clear except CEA carrier and OFA prelims - Fair

She is a daughter of Moon out of a stud named Bill and a granddaughter of Blaze.


Judy is reaching the age of breeding retirement and will be bred for one final litter in June 2019...... expected pups August 2019

Moon was a choice stud fee pup out of an outside female...... She was given to my daughter Lauren for her first dog.   She has proven to be a perfect beginner dog for her (given at age 12)  She is energetic and outgoing with an intense desire to work.   It is not my feelings that Moon is a cow/calf dog but she works yearlings and sheep nice.  She is still in training...... videos of her on stock can be seen on YouTube!  

Lauren's  "MOON"

Stella is a daughter of Allie x Blaze born in 2017.  She is very gritty both head and heel and will take some time and patience for handle.  I LOVE Stella so far in training!   She is a HANDFUL like her mother and grandmother (Lacy) was to start.


As a daughter of Allie x Blaze Stella will have an all CLEAR genetic health panel through parentage.    Her hips will be pre-limed through OFA soon.  Her sire's are GOOD and dam's EXCELLENT and grandmother's GOOD.  She will be a valuable asset to my program on both genetically strong females for work and health!