ABCA registered

Blaze is a line bred King grandson.  He is my go-to dog for most jobs and is my main stud dog.  I now own both males and females from him within my program. 

a playlist is steadily growing on YouTube of this young male at work.....

Blaze is clear for all genetic tests available

OFA Good hips


Hero is just beginning his working career.... videos of him working will be building as time progresses.   He is an interesting type with just a natural  flowing/herding- bite when he needs to type dog.  The kind of dog to get the job done and that most people could handle.  I am really enjoying his training and looking forward to his future!

Duke is a son of Allie x Blaze and a littermate to Stella.  The pedigree attached is Stella's but they are littermates.   As a pup from this cross his genetic health panel will be clear by parentage.   I do not own Duke but have secured breeding rights and he is local.

Whisenhunt Farms