Our family has owned at least one Border Collie on our farm for the last 18  years...those "early"  dogs had a desire to work but due to a lack of knowledge on our part the dogs became family dogs and farm dogs.   With a new look on things (since 2012) in the working dog world I am progressively learning the ins & outs of using a working Border Collie  as well as learning to train my own dogs.  I am amazed at their loyalty and intelligence- their eagerness to work and please their master!!   I (Amanda) have the primary interest in these dogs.  As of 2020 I am now seeing 4th generation bred and owned dogs in my program, dogs I have selected through for work, health and temperament.  I am proud of my dogs and feel I  have quality working dogs and may occasionally have pups available.   I may have a few started dogs available a year & availability may not necessarily be posted on this site.   I understand that some dogs will not  have the qualities to be a strong worker and may be offered to pet homes.  

Life on our farm will never be the same thanks to the daily assistance these dogs offer me in dealing with livestock!!!


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