Howard County Farm Family of the Year

Arkansas 2016

West Central District Farm Family of the Year!

We no longer raise a large number of orphan calves and our nurse cows have been drastically downsized.   Our children now show swine through the 4H/FFA program beginning in 2016.   We learned a lot from the dairy side of things- however we now focus on training the Border Collies and the kids' interest in show pigs and Show rabbits .   I am leaving the pictures up of our dairy cows as this was a huge part of our lives for several years and remains a personal interest!




Our 3 children Hadyn, Lauren and Caleb enjoyed showing dairy cattle through our local 4H program.

in 2016 our children spent their first season of showing PIGS!   however we do not breed pigs.



We are members of the Church of Christ that meets on Sunset St. in Nashville, AR

We believe that each person of accountable age will answer for their actions on Judgement Day according to the commandments in the New Testament.

Whisenhunt Farms

Whisenhunt Farms

We began our adventure in farming in 2001 with the purchase of 4 commercial poultry houses under Tyson contract- in 2006 we added to that responsibility with 2 additional houses.   We own/operate 302 acres and currently run 130 beef females and 6 bulls.  Our commercial  herd are primarily Brangus and Charolais cross cattle.