Twinkle    X     Blaze

Final litter of AKC Bloodhounds born 5/25/20!

All baby pups are accompanied by a 1 year warranty for basic congenital/ hereditary issues.  

text, call, or email for  current availability:


Dual registered AKC/ABCA

****deposits are considered an agreement to commit.  deposit amount will be deducted from final payment.  Deposits are refundable ONLY for any unforeseen health issue with the pup. Coat length cannot be guaranteed.****

Luna is a CEA carrier so some pups could be carriers but otherwise panel clear.  Luna has OFA Fair hips and Hero has OFA good hips.   

piebald SHORT HAIR merle female- $1000

blue eye/eyes

Luna   X   Hero

pups by this cross will be expected around mid May.   This is an exciting cross that has been anticipated for some time!    Luna is an incredibly confident cowdog and packed with a HARD bite on both ends.   Hero bites both ends and offers a softer edge with more stock sense to bring to the cross.

There is currently only ONE available Border Collie puppy!


  Below are  planned breedings listed.  You will need to request to be placed on the contact list for notification of NEW litters!

text 870-845-9714


   some dual registered litters w/ AKC available

text for update on  availability or current pics              870-845-9714


Carrie    X    Hero

places our pups and started dogs have been placed!

purple represents placements-

Don't let DISTANCE keep you from your next WORKING prospect!


Twinkle herself only works and has been trained on sheep. Potential buyers should be aware that she IS from cattle working lines, however she just doesn't like cattle!

Border Collie Puppy prices may vary by litter!


**shipping additional $350 at weaning size pups

*Price includes any applicable sales tax

$200 deposit required to "hold" your puppy until weaning.  Puppies may go to their homes at apx 7-8 weeks.  

Beginning in 2019 weaning puppy prices will start at $600.  Older puppies that I have held back to select from will have varying prices.  Prices may be higher or lower or may even adjust according to how I feel I like that pup that particular day.  I USUALLY have several older pups from weaning up to a year old that I have kept to evaluate on stock or select what may help improve my program based on my goals.  I breed for WORK, HEALTH & TEMPERAMENT!  It doesn't matter how well a dog works if it is unhealthy nor does it matter how healthy the dog is genetic wise if it does not work!  There are specific traits that I look for in a working dog as well and not all pups I choose to sell are "culls" but rather may just not be what I am looking for specifically.

I will always reserve the right to adjust pricing on individual litters as well as reserve the right to refuse a sale at any point before or during the transaction should I feel the puppy's health is at risk OR if I feel the buyer is not the right fit for the pup.  

These pups will ALL be rough coat black/white with potential for blue eyes.  They will be AKC only and not accompanied by the working portion of our warranty.   pup price will be $700


Dual registered AKC/ABCA

pups could be red, red merle, black/white, blue merle, short hair, potentially rough coat.

Blaze is the maternal grandpa to Twinkle.  This IS an intentional line breeding cross in an effort to maintain cattle work in the lines as well as desired temperament and health.

Twinkle's hips were Xrayed at 1 year by a veterinarian and found to be acceptable.  She is panel clear.   Blaze has OFA Good hips and is panel clear.

pup price:  $700 solids, $800 merle males- $1000 merle females

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