Ann is a very nice type doe.  She has competed in a good number of ARBA shows and has never placed less than 2nd in a large class.  She has won several Best Opposites of Breed.  She is 4 Kings lines

Max is a pointed white EA he has shown in 5 ARBA shows where he has won 3 Best opposites of Variety and 4  first in class.  He has also won 1 Grand Champion Leg as Best of Breed.  He is a great Temperamented rabbit with a very manageable and forgiving coat!

Lauren is a youth breeder striving to produce show quality rabbits!   Her breeds of choice at this time are:

English Angora, Dwarf Hotot and Mini Lops 


Sandy is a Black Tort doe.  She comes from T-squared lines.  She has a fabulous manageable coat that is fast growing. She has competed in 3 ARBA shows and placed about middle of the class in each.   Just an all around nice doe!

Lauren's Hoppin' Hares

Lauren began showing Dairy cattle through 4H in 2010 at 6 years old.  In 2016 Lauren got her first rabbit and she and her 2 brothers began showing Hogs.  Lauren expanded her rabbits for 2017 and began ARBA shows in late 2017.   She is an Honor Student, active in her livestock projects and in the High School Band.   Lauren has a passion for all type animals and hopes to continue her future in some type small animal field. She enjoys sharing what she has learned with other children and adults and is planning a demo or  exhibition locally for 2019 to share more of her experiences and knowledge with the local public through the Howard County 4H.

Lauren uses frozen water bottles and fans to keep her bunnies cool in the hot summer!


Lauren's Hoppin' Hares Rabbitry is located in Southwest Arkansas.   We will plan to attend or have transport access to  area ARBA shows.  Contact 870-557-7557 or 870-845-9714 for availability!

Mini Lops

Dwarf Hotots

Lola was shipped from a New Jersey  breeder.   She has an excellent pedigree. Her color is Chestnut Agouti.  Lola has competed in only 3 ARBA shows due to weather and the Arkansas heat she will not make further shows and now go to brood and wool producer.   She did place 1st in class in her final show as a Jr Doe winning a Grand Champion Leg.


Molly was purchased from a New Jersey breeder as a proven doe and is the dam to Lola.   She is Black in color.   Unfortunately she has not yet been a success in live kits after the ownership transfer.   She is a beautiful doe with an awesome pedigree..... Lauren continues to attempt for this investment to be successful in building her program.

English Angoras require maintenance and hair cuts to harvest their wool apx every 3 months.   Here is a before/after series of Thunder.

Thunder is a Blue EA buck.  He has not competed in any ARBA shows but won Best of Breed at the 4H/FFA District show and Best of Breed at the Arkansas State Fair in 2017

Whisenhunt Farms

Lauren usually has rabbits available!  please text to 870-557-7557

Rabbit transports can be arranged coast to coast!     Transport costs will be on the buyer and a fuel surcharge may be added if distance is needed to travel to meet the bunny bus!   ((depending))

Rabbit prices will vary from breed and quality- show or pet?

ranging from $100-$200 for pedigreed Angoras

Mini Lops will range from $20 (pet no pedigree) to $85 for show quality and in between accordingly

Dwarf Hotot prices will range from $10 for  (pet no pedigree) to $100 for show quality.  Quality body type Sport kits may be available for $50-$75